The world patented, Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd (MCI), Triangulated Steering & Suspension System (TS3) is a disruptive technology with the ability to change the way we think a two-wheeled in-line system should behave and perform.

The TS3 technology is profound and of enormous potential financial value.

Telescopic forks, currently used on 90% of the world’s motorcycles, are unstable levers that oscillate, flex with every bump and every turn and have the potential to bottom out under emergency breaking when suspension is most needed. Many motorcycle riders have become extraordinarily astute at riding what is basically a twitching, flexing and sometimes uncontrollable beast, but many riders don’t master the vagaries of conventional suspension and they succumb to the death trap that telescopic forks present.

The motoinnoTS3 technology, although based on Formula One car technology, is a patented totally new and unique front end steering and suspension system which addresses the limitations identified in all previous incarnations of tele-forked and alternate motorcycle steering systems.

With a proven higher turn rate for less lean, the technology behaves like no other, providing the rider with an astonishingly predictable, stable and therefore safer, platform. Not surprisingly, because it’s a more predictable, more stable and safer platform, the racer can ride it faster. Much faster. Up to one second per corner faster!

It is expected that consumer demand for a safer, higher performing motorcycle, will drive the take-up by manufactures.

MCI was incorporated in Australia in 2008 as an R&D development entity to re-think the historical paradigm of motorcycle steering and suspension systems and to explore the potential of advanced two wheeled in-line vehicle geometry in relation to current and future safety trends and requirements. MCI’s ultimate global goal has been to increase the stability, compliance and overall performance of two-wheeled inline vehicles using the latest technological developments.

Ultimately, the driving thought and conceptual challenge of this new technology has been to design, develop and produce a definitive and advanced motorcycle steering and suspension system – affordable and acceptable to the world-wide market over a productive and defined time frame.

MCI has now achieved the above criteria.

Intellectual property

The TS3 was conceived, designed and implemented over a 16 year period – including more than 6 years of independent research, design and concept development and over 4 years of advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and FEA (finite element analysis) component simulation development.

The TS3 components were constructed over 5 years of development using CNC billet manufacturing – through 2010 – 2014. This ongoing component development has produced the desired result of the creation of a high-end compliant test prototype motorcycle primarily made of certified aerospace aluminium alloy and the incorporation of structural carbon composite materials.

The design prototype has also completed 4 years of on-going front and rear end suspension balance setups for road/track testing and the collection of empirical performance data using the latest data acquisition technology by multiple qualified and internationally recognised riders and developers.

During 2008 to 2014, with ongoing personal funding from the inventor – Ray Van Steenwyk, business partner Colin Oddy and financial assistance from the Australian Federal Government, via – a ‘commercialisation Australia’ – $50,000 ‘Skills and Knowledge’ Grant, MCI now holds worldwide patent status.

Worldwide motorcycle branding

m o t o i n n o – an exotic, boutique motorcycle manufacturer.

motoinno is now positioned as a new Australian based, internationally branded motorcycle technology company, that is introducing limited run, high-end bespoke units of advanced design – incorporating distinctive safety, style and performance – to the high net worth, limited edition collectors and enthusiasts market, worldwide.

Mission statement

MCI and motoinno believes that any high-end product must be capable of withstanding the test of time.

Our products are designed, developed and produced to be rolling works of art. Engineering art that appreciates in value over time – they are built once and built well – to last. To last lifetimes!

MCI and motoinno are only interested in delivering the best of the best. Innovative motorcycles that can be handed down to generation after generation as a testament to advanced engineering, design, manufacturing quality, performance, style and value appreciation.

We are a high-quality low run production facility. motoinno is positioning itself to create ‘Rolls Royce grade’ motorcycles using advanced technological developments that include the highest performance possible, the greatest technical know-how available and the most discerning developments of engineering, design and art. Our main corporate beliefs and manufacture systems are inspired by and based on the likes of Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Bugatti and Atom.

motoinno’s core values are based on longevity, design and engineering excellence and superior quality in all respects. As a design and technology company we will never stop developing the best that can be produced with the use of the highest quality materials and technology available for the extended lifespan of our products.

If you are interested in owning a motorcycle that is of the highest quality, style and performance with the best technology available, motoinno can build you one that is, like a finely tailored suit, designed, developed and built to fit you perfectly in every way.


Motorcycle Innovation Pty Ltd is committed to developing and licencing its evolving pool of two-wheeled in-line IP to major auto and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide so that our safety, performance and advanced technology can be accessible to the increasingly informed and sophisticated market of motorcycle riders demanding safer, more compliant and technologically advanced motorcycling systems.


If you are a discerning investor interested in becoming a leading force in today’s $80billion+ per year, two-wheeled in-line ICE (internal combustion engine) and the expanding EV (electric vehicle) markets, while being rewarded with consistent financial growth returns, there is an opportunity to partner with Motorcycle Innovation Pty Ltd.


Please contact either Ray or Colin via email from the contacts page. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about, our technology, your next bike, the future world market and our ongoing IP products.


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