‘Sir’ Alan Cathcart. Renowned moto-journalist.

“I doubt I ever went through the Broadford esses quicker on any of the fifty or so bikes I’ve ridden at Broadford down the years, than I did on the TS3”.

“I could brake later and later on the angle into a turn like the 180º right-hander by the Paddock entrance, or best of all the uphill Turn 1 at the end of the pit straight, where holding off the brakes to a point that would have been suicidal on a tele-forked bike allowed me to keep up hard-earned uphill momentum as I rounded the turn onto the top straight…”

“…there, the TS³ rode the bumps on what amounts to a tarmac staircase really well, even with enough torque from the Desmodue motor to lift the front wheel over the first step, in which case even though there was no steering damper, it would only flap the front wheel once very quickly, before resuming normal service.”

“Under braking the TS³ demonstrated that it does not suffer from unbalancing oscillations in the front suspension where telescopic forks did.”

 “What struck me at once the first time I rode the TS³ was how slim and nimble it was – and I had a 900SS Ducati in my garage for six years, so I know how that handles, and the TS³ is way more agile in changing direction. It’s flickable and highly manoeuvrable without feeling nervous, with a wide 54º steering that results in an ultra-tight turning circle little more than twice the length of the bike – this would be a great bike to use in city streets, and ideal for courier use!”


Steve McDowall. Professional rider trainer and media commentator.

“It’s incredible. I can’t believe how predictable it is. I’m blown away, absolutely blown away”.

 “Back it off in a corner… it just stays there. Accelerate in a corner… it just stays there. I backed it off mid corner… and it just stayed there. Like nothing I’ve ever ridden before.”

“It’s like a really well dialled in race bike, without the nasty’s.”

“The law says you can’t take a narrow entry and narrow exit and expect the bike to stay there. Damnit it does!”

“If this technology was on every bike, you would totally re-write the training manual…because your setup for a corner doesn’t need to be the same.”


Cameron Donald: 2014 TT Champion

“I could ride in a circle so tight I was only using around twice the wheelbase in area. You can’t do that on a conventional motorcycle”.

“I’m surprised at how much it felt like a normal motorcycle and how quickly it gave me confidence”.

“It can be braked later and deeper into the corner well past what you can with a telescopic system. It’s amazing”.

“Breaking hard into the tightening corner of Turn Two at Sydney Motorsport Park, I used my usual turn-in point which proved too early and too wide. The TS3 responds so quickly I could move my turn-in point later and even tighter as my turn arc was greatly reduced”.

“Some bikes can give you the feeling of riding ‘up and over’ the tyre on change of direction, but the TS3 gave none of this.”

“Each lap I was breaking deeper into the slower corners, to a point where I would have tucked the front on a conventional bike.”

“I was surprised by how quickly I developed confidence in the front, and the ability to trail brake deeply into a turn.”

“The reason previous hub-centre-steering bikes haven’t been widely accepted is usually sheeted home to their lack of feel. With this not being the case with the TS3, I believe it has a big future with so many positives to offer motorcycling in performance and safety”.

Jeff Ware – Racer/Journalist. motorcycle.com, bikereview.com.au

 “I had my knee down on the second corner, that’s how confident I felt”.

“It feels like a really well set up sorted 900 SuperSport – Ive raced them before.”

“I’m really surprised at how good it is, how confidence inspiring it is – that’s the thing, I’m very impressed.”

“That initial dive is really nice to have that, and then it just plateaus out… and you just keep braking harder and harder.”

“Im not even using the edge of the tyre… but if you’re in a corner and you’re going fast, but if you want to, you can just push it down to go under someone and lift it back up again – with no consequences. It’s like having a safety margin.”

I just can’t believe how hard you can push it… and it’s not even set up for us properly today… if we had a couple of days with it, it’d just get faster and faster and faster and faster.”

“If I pushed one of these (900SS) with a traditional front end on it, that hard on these tyres, I would have lost the front for sure.”


Alex Penklis – Racer/Journalist for AMCN

 “Arriving at the first turn at Lakeside I initiated the turn at what I thought would be the appropriate tip-in point for a motorcycle – the TS3 responded so quickly that I almost cut the grass on the inside of the uphill right hander. The next time around I increased my speed and moved my turn-in point later, something that usually doesn’t go hand in hand – again it was too tight. It wasn’t until the second session that my brain fully comprehended how tight an arc the TS3 can hold.”

“Tip-in is fast and accurate, mid-corner front-end stability is solid and the line doesn’t widen as you twist the throttle on the 900cc V-twin”.

In fact not even applying quite a handful of front brake while leaned over – something I would never do on a conventional front-end didn’t unsettled the TS3 or widen its radius – If I had done that on my race bike I would have no doubt tucked the front.

“High speed stability is exceptional and confidence inspiring, by the second session I was holding it flat out in fifth gear through the extremely fast left kink down the main straight – the inside bumps on the apex didn’t unsettle the TS3 at all”.

“Through the dinky and rough bus stop on the back straight the TS3 snapped from side-to-side with energetic agility with only the slightest pressure required on the bars, while all the time remaining solid and planted – there were no signs of twitchiness that you sometimes get from extremely fast steering.”

“The TS3 doesn’t sport a steering damper – there is no need for one – it remained planted as more modern sportsbikes were getting their shake on in front of me as they transitioned back to the main track.”

“Under hard braking the TS3 remains stable, in-line and without the side-to-side wallow you get from the flexing of the typical telescopic fork. No matter the brake pressure you are holding, the TS3’s turn-in remains the same. It was so confidence inspiring I don’t think I have held that much front-brake pressure till knee down, on any other bike.”

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